Shurtape 724-Perfect For Temporary Computer Wiring Labels

labeled computer

labeled computer cables-consoletape.comTrying to figure out where the other end of a cable in a bundle of computer wires can be a real headache.  They run behind the desk, around the corner and to the back of a dark computer.   They all look the same and when you’re not watching they seem to multiply on their own.

Before you cable a new computer, create labels for both ends of the cable so that they are easy to trace.

Take two  short pieces of Shurtape 724 paper tape and wrap them  around each end of the cable so that they adhere sticky side to sticky side.  Cut the ends so that they are clean.

Using a Sharpie Marker,  label each end of the cable with the same information so that you will know what each wire is supposed to do.

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