Dry Erase Board Labels? Not Unless You Want To “Wear” Your Mix Home!

DRY ERASE MARKERI came across a discussion recently about mixer labeling on a pro sound forum.  A forum member had asked how other members labeled consoles when there were multiple acts with quick changeover times.

One interesting response came from someone who had applied a piece of dry erase marker board to the label section of his mixer.  At first this seemed like a useful idea, but, on further reading, the person who posted this idea talked about how he had to “train” himself to not rub his hands across the board after it was labeled.  Clearly, this could be a big problem, particularly if you wiped your labels 30 seconds before the set started.

We have a better idea.

Permacel 724 paper label tape has something called “repositionable” adhesive.  It can be removed without leaving residue or tearing and then re-applied to the mixer when the act specific to that label takes the stage.