Sharpie Markers-Certified “Safe” By ACMI

sharpie marker-thetapeworks.comThe Sharpie Marker is the instrument of choice for marking sound mixing consoles that are labeled with paper label tape.

The Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) certifies these markers to be safe and to contain no toxic materials in levels that could be injurious to humans.

This certification says that that the markers should be considered non-toxic for “normal use”. One of those uses is labeling on paper products.

Shurtape 724-Half Inch Width For Patch Bays

audio patch bay labeling thetapeworks.comLabeling audio and video patch bays is particularly challenging, because there isn’t much space to work.

Tightly packed connectors and restrictive rack spaces mean that getting legible labels in place can be tough.

Shurtape 724 is available in half inch widths, narrow enough to fit in the space between rows of patch points.

Because the tape has re-positionable adhesive, you can create the labels on a flat surface like a table and then place them where you want them on the patch bay.