Dry Erase Board Labels? Not Unless You Want To “Wear” Your Mix Home!

DRY ERASE MARKERI came across a discussion recently about mixer labeling on a pro sound forum.  A forum member had asked how other members labeled consoles when there were multiple acts with quick changeover times.

One interesting response came from someone who had applied a piece of dry erase marker board to the label section of his mixer.  At first this seemed like a useful idea, but, on further reading, the person who posted this idea talked about how he had to “train” himself to not rub his hands across the board after it was labeled.  Clearly, this could be a big problem, particularly if you wiped your labels 30 seconds before the set started.

We have a better idea.

Permacel 724 paper label tape has something called “repositionable” adhesive.  It can be removed without leaving residue or tearing and then re-applied to the mixer when the act specific to that label takes the stage.

Shurtape A&E-that’s “Arts & Entertainment”

label mixer with tape from thetapeworks.comPeriodic re-branding of our favorite console label tape has led to what is now known as Shurtape A&E.

Shurtape acquired the brand Permacel P-724 several years ago and incorporated it into their line of tape products intended for arts and entertainment production.

Shurtape is one of the largest tape manufacturers in the world and their products are prized by hands on techs in film, video, theatre and special event production.

Not All “Artist Tape” Is Acid Free

neon yellow console tape from thetapeworks.comWe’ve discussed in the past that PH neutral/acid free tapes are the best for console labeling. They are the best way to insure that no damage is done to the finish of a piece of expensive sound or lighting equipment when the label tape is left in place for a long time.

With the recent popularity of console (artist) tape in colors, users need to know that only the white version of this product is acid free.

Pastel and neon colors are great for high visibility, but should be removed as soon as the show is over.

The “Art” Of Labeling The Console

artist tape tape from thetapeworks.comSometimes, it can be hard to find console tape, leading to the use of inappropriate products for labeling, the worst of which is masking tape.

While you can always order it online, you might not be able to find it locally, at least if you call what you are looking for “console” tape.

Try looking for “artist tape” instead. It has the same paper and adhesive properties as console tape, but it is sold in art supply and stationary stores, and is intended for a very different use.

Artists use it for temporary layouts and to affix things like watercolor paper to backings temporarily to keep it from moving. Crafters and scrapbook makers like it because the adhesive is non-acidic and doesn’t damage delicate papers.

You can find it a most major craft supply outlets.