Buying Console Tape? Check Your Space First

ruler for measuring console tape

ruler for measuring console tapeSometimes when customer order console tape on the phone and we ask them what size they want, they say “just send me the usual”.

There is no “usual” when it comes to the space available for labeling a mixer and if you get a size that is too large, you’ll have excess tape
where you don’t need it. If you get tape that is narrower than your console will accommodate, you are more likely to “overwrite the tape” and get ink directly on your mixer. Since it probably will not dry quickly on a screened metal surface, it will end up on your hands.

In order to make sure you get the correct size, you need a little info about how tape is actually sized.

In an odd combination of standards, most tape is measured by standard (yards, feet, etc.) in length (e.g. 55 yards long) but is measured in metric when considering the width.

Here is the actual conversion:

If the tape is described as being one inch wide, it is actually 24 millimeters wide (closer to 15/16 inch than to one inch).

If the tape is described as being three quraters inch wide, it is actually 18 millimeters wide.